Message from John Rutter, member of the referees of Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017

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It was lovely to hear the sound of a boys’ choir in this competition! The choice of music suited their voices – Dans la troupe was bold and cheeky, with well-marked march rhythms, and Ensemble gave the choir’s excellent soloists a chance to shine. I felt that the competition was a valuable experience for them […] – 20/07/17

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“Une chance et une vraie bonne nouvelle” “Le fait d’avoir été sélectionné est une chance et une vraie bonne nouvelle. Nous sommes très heureux, a commenté le directeur des Pastoureaux, Philippe Favette, fraîchement arrivé à Riga. Je ne connais pas les autres concurrents mais les pays participants ont une forte tradition de chorale et un […]

The power of moving images

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They are broadcasted nearly 24/7 on RTBF la trois ! The Pastoureaux spent an entire day with the TV team to record three teasers to boost the audience of the first edition of the Eurovision Choir of the Year contest in Riga next Saturday, July 22nd 2017 at 08:00 pm. Stay tuned!