Céline REMY

“If the voice is the mirror of the soul, music is a reflection of the heart.”

Passionate about music, Céline began playing the violin at the age of seven.

At seventeen, she joined Françoise Viatour’s singing class. After a bachelor’s degree in music in 2009, she obtained a master’s in opera singing with distinction in 2011 and a senior qualification as a singing teacher in 2012.

Drawn to conducting, she began studying choir conducting at IMEP. She currently leads four choirs: Chanterelle in Nivelles, Chantoire in Mont, the Temploux parish choir and Mezza Voce in Namur. She is also the singing teacher for the Pastoureaux choir.

She became a music teacher at the Felicien Rops school in Namur in 2013.

In 2015, Céline was delighted to accept the post of singing teacher with the Musicanto association in Yvoir.

In 2016, she was appointed as musician at the Terre-Franche creativity and expression centre in Eghezee. She is responsible for early musical education, singing and composition together with the music theatre group. She also leads choral singing in Eghezee’s primary schools.

She is regularly invited to work with the A Coeur Joie movement. Recently she has worked as a singing teacher at the international choir conducting course in Floreffe. Céline has perfected her skills through CAVEMA with the well-known conductor of the Namur chamber choir, Leonardo García Alarcón.

She played the leading role (Blanche) in the Dialogue des Carmélites, an opera by Francis Poulenc, staged by the IMEP singing class in February 2011. In the same month, she was accepted as a member of the Namur chamber choir. In March 2011, she received the Prix de la Vocation in the new operatic talent competition in Ans.