Founded in 1974, the Pastoureaux choir consists of sixty boys, aged seven to fourteen, whose voices range from soprano to alto. About twenty teenagers and adults support the choir by adding tenor and bass sections. About twenty members of the Pastoureaux form the Cantate Group, which develops additional skills for the keenest children, enabling them to tackle more complex or distinctive works.


The Pastoureaux repertoire is huge. It includes not only works by the great classical masters (Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Franck, Saint-Saëns, Fauré…) but also those of earlier (Schütz, Pachelbel, Allegri…) and later composers (Gershwin, Poulenc, Britten…), not to mention several lesser-known works from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.


The Pastoureaux are often invited to take part in major music festivals in Belgium. Abroad, the Pastoureaux have distinguished themselves at a number of children’s choir festivals, such as Poznan (Poland), Lake Como (Italy) and the World Peace Choral Festival in Vienna (Austria).

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New Season Concert • 20/09 16:00

Eglise Saint François d’Assise, Chenois (Waterloo).
COVID > Online booking compulsory.

Classical and Xmas Concert in Tournai

Friday 22 November 2019 – 20:00
Eglise Saint-Jacques, Tournai

Christmas Concert in Waterloo

Friday 13 December 2019 – 20:00
Eglise Saint-Joseph, Waterloo


Becoming a Pastoureau?

You are 8, you love music but don"t need to have studied it! Are you interesting in singing, travelling and discovering new horizons?

It was lovely to hear the sound of a boys’ choir in this competition! The choice of music suited their voices – Dans la troupe was bold and cheeky, with well-marked march rhythms, and Ensemble gave the choir’s excellent soloists a chance to shine. I felt that the competition was a valuable experience for them – they have surely gained in confidence from performing to a TV audience, and the next time they appear, they will have the final milligram of confidence and technical polish. Bravo!

John Rutter

Oubliant pendant quelques heures les jeux de leur âge, ils viennent donner une leçon de sérieux et de gravité qui nous laisse muets et bouleversés.

Sud-Ouest France

Les Pastoureaux chantent avec franchise et conviction: la justesse et le soin de la préparation en font un instrument de valeur…

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Eurovision Choir of the Year 2017, Riga


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    Les Pastoureaux will be able to sing again! They are recruiting…

    Don’t hesitate to ask us for an audition. Go to the recruitment page, then contact us by phone or via the contact form on the site. We are waiting for you…

    Les Pastoureaux, Young Mozart-Ambassadors since 2017

    In 2017, when “Les Pastoureaux” performed in the great Aula in Salzburg they got the award “Young Ambassadors of the European Mozartways” and share this honour until now with Chor “Amadeo” Salzburg, Youthchoir of the Cathedral of Reims, Youth-Cantorei of the Salzburg Cathedral and Bella Musica – Orchestra Giovanile Europea www.mozartways.com

    War requiem by Benjamin Britten at the Kölner Philarmonie

    Nous sommes à Cologne pour chanter ce soir le “War Requiem” de Benjamin Britten ! Une sélection de nos choristes mêlent leurs voix à celles de jeunes choristes du Coventry Cathedral Girls’ Choir et du Jugendchor der Lukaskirche Bonn, aux côtés du Polski Narodowy Chór Młodzieżowy, du chœur du Bach-Verein Köln, du Bundesjugendorchester, de membres […]

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