P5 Vienne - 072 - copie

Over 1,000 concerts in Europe, the USA, Canada, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Colombia…

An immensely rich repertoire…

With orchestra
Mozart: Requiem, Coronation Mass, Solemn Vespers of the Confessor, Credo Mass…
Haydn: The Creation, Nelson Mass…
Fauré: Requiem…
Handel: extracts from the Messiah…
Bach: Cantatas 131 and 182, extracts from the Magnificat, St Matthew Passion (cantus firmus)…
Schubert: Mass in G Major…
Pergolesi: Stabat Mater…
Buxtehude: the cantatas „Nichts soll uns scheiden“ and „Das Neugeborne Kindelein“…
Anonymous: Llibre Vermell de Montserrat, Fools’ Mass…
Plus: Gershwin, Poulenc, Britten, Lloyd Webber, Mendelssohn,
da Vittoria, Purcel, Schütz…
La Bohème – Puccini
Carmen – Bizet
A Midsummer Night’s Dream – Britten
The Little Sweep – Britten
The Magic Flute – Mozart
Thyeste – van Vlijmen/H Claus
Notable events

Introduction of the euro in 2001 (Brussels), concerts at the Palais and for the Royal Family, Festival de Wallonie (“The Little Sweep”, “Llibre Vermell de Montserrat”…), “Noël Chante à Bruxelles” and other prestigious concerts at the Palais des Beaux-Arts and Brussels Cathedral…

Concerts with famous soloists: José Van Dam, Werner van Mechelen, Marie-Noëlle de Callataÿ, Janet Thompson…

Creation of the “Magnificat” (Leonardo San Juan)… Creation of
 the “Mass of Popayan” (Isabelle Rigaux) in Popayan in Colombia… 
Participation in productions at the Monnaie opera house in Belgium, in the 
Netherlands and in New York… Participation in the Nuits de Beloeil, open-air operas at La Hulpe, Liège and Ooidonk in Belgium… Creation of the “Cantates des Oiseaux” (Robert De Pauw) and many concert tours.

Concert tours

1980 Baden Würtemberg
1982 Alsace, Bavaria, Valais
1984 France
1985 Québec, USA
1986 France, the Bordeaux region
1987 Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Italy, Germany
1988 Jura, Alsace, Normandy
1989 France, Germany, Switzerland
1990 France
1991 Québec, New Brunswick
1992 Poland, France
1993 Japan, France
1994 Québec, Ontario
1995 Colombia, France, Germany
1996 Spain, Germany, France, Luxembourg
1997 Manitoba, France
1998 Czech Republic, France, Switzerland, Germany
1999 USA, Canada, France
2000 Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, France
2001 Portugal, Spain, France
2002 Switzerland, France, Germany
2003 Canada
2004 France
2005 Switzerland, France
2006 France
2007 Slovenia, Italy, France
2008 Brazil, Argentina
2009 France, Germany, Luxembourg
2010 Switzerland
2011 USA, Québec
2012 France
2013 France
2014 Hungary, Czech Republic, Austria
2015 France
2016 France, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Austria, Germany


Twelve Pastoureaux albums (LP, CD)
Two CDs available on-line
Participation in the “Llibre Vermell de Montserrat” CD.
Participation in the Enfant des Etoiles performance CDs…