A building designed for music teaching will soon be opened in Waterloo. With experience forged through over forty years of activity, the Pastoureaux choir is supporting this ambitious construction project with the help of Waterloo council.

The facility will provide several work spaces to suit different kinds of users on an occasional or permanent basis. Sharing the space in this way will encourage meetings and contact between musicians. The centre will also be equipped with a specially designed facility for sound capture and recording.


It was lovely to hear the sound of a boys’ choir in this competition! The choice of music suited their voices – Dans la troupe was bold and cheeky, with well-marked march rhythms, and Ensemble gave the choir’s excellent soloists a chance to shine. I felt that the competition was a valuable experience for them – they have surely gained in confidence from performing to a TV audience, and the next time they appear, they will have the final milligram of confidence and technical polish. Bravo!

John Rutter

I was lucky enough to meet the Pastoureaux for the first time in 2014, when I conducted them in a musical practice session. My first impression was that I was taking part in a long history of strong emotions, which were passed on to me thanks to the beautiful sound the ensemble offered me as a gift. I also felt that this was the time to offer them the opportunity to flourish by imagining a place suited to their needs.
I have heard that this dream is now close to becoming a reality, and this is therefore a chance for me to communicate how strongly I believe the Pastoureaux deserve to become a solid institution able to use high-quality facilities for their rehearsals, performances and recordings.
The artistic team, led by Philippe Favette, deserves all my esteem and admiration for having managed this unique project for all these years.

Leonardo Garcia ALARCÓN Chef d'orchestre

I have heard about a project to construct a building that would house, among others, the Pastoureaux in Waterloo.
What a magnificent idea! I knew the Pastoureaux before my son Hector became a member, and I have known them even better since then: they are a remarkably talented choir. The chance to have their own base is an excellent thing, especially as it would be located in Walloon Brabant and, from what I have heard, it would also be a cultural centre with a concert space and recording studio.
This initiative can only be encouraged, and I offer my full support!

Charles LOOS Musicien, Compositeur

I hope this initiative can make music accessible to everyone!

Lorenzo GATTO Musicien

A superb project to give musicians and artists a new space for expression and creation… Extremely useful!

Nicolas DORIAN

Having collaborated with the Pastoureaux for over 30 years with huge pleasure, it is with great conviction and enthusiasm that I support the project to create a musical education centre in the town of Waterloo.

Marc GRAUWELS Musicien


The project’s partners and sponsors:

• The Province of Walloon Brabant
• The Municipality of Waterloo, represented by Madam Mayor Florence Reuter and Director General Fernand Flabat
• The Friends of the Pastoureaux Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation and represented by Bernard Pagnier, Bernard Steimes and Yves Vander Cruysen
• The Pastoureaux not-for-profit association, represented by its President Nadine Tyteca and its Musical Director Philippe Favette


Waterloo Music will be based at a site of just over an acre, part of which has been made available to the project. The location is ideal, between the Drève d’Argenteuil and the Berlaymont school centre. As well as the building, which will house rehearsals, the Pastoureaux will also be able to use a playground during breaks.


Patrons, sponsors, donors, musicians, artistic associations, friends of music…

Are you interested in this project? Would you like to help us support it? There are a variety of options for support, visibility and partnership. All of them will contribute to the project’s success.

In addition, the Friends of the Pastoureaux Fund, managed by the King Baudouin Foundation, is eligible for tax deductions.

For further information, do not hesitate to contact us.

A brochure presenting in details the project has been edited.